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Access Map
Access to Head Office
Head Office
1-18-1, Okayama-Higashi, Shijonawate-City, Osaka, 575-8585, Japan
TEL: +81-72-876-1421 (main)
FAX: +81-72-879-0395

Access Map

By Train:
Time from Shin-Osaka Station to Shinobugaoka Station: Approx. 50 minutes

JR Tokaido Line
" Shin-Osaka" Station      " Osaka" Station (approx. 10 minutes)
JR Osaka Kanjosen (Loop Line), Outside track
" Osaka" Station      " Kyobashi" Station (approx. 8 minutes)
JR Gakken-Toshi Line (Katamachi Line)
" Kyobashi" Station      " Shinobugaoka" Station (approx. 22 minutes)
Approx. 3 minutes walk from East Exit of "Shinobugaoka" Station
*Rapid trains do not stop at Shinobugaoka Station. If you use a rapid train,
 please transfer to a local train at Shijonawate Station.

By Car:
From Osaka Central Loop Road or Osaka Outside Loop Road (Route 170)
Turn left at intersection of Higashi-nakano on Route 163
Go straight in the direction of Katano and Shinobugaoka for approx. 550m and the Plant is on your left side

Access to Kanto Sales Office

Kanto Sales Office

2F Ishiuchi Bldg., 4-2-15, Kishicho, Urawa-ku, Saitama-City, Saitama, Japan
TEL: +81-48-831-6666(main)
FAX: +81-48-831-6676

JR Takasaki Line, Utsunomiya Line, Keihin Tohoku Line
Approx. 3-4 minutes walk from "urawa" Station

Access to Shimonoseki Plant
Shimonoseki Plant
168 Aza Kamioka, Oaza Ishihara, Shimonoseki-City, Yamaguchi, 751-0886, Japan
TEL: +81-83-256-2121 (main)
FAX: +81-83-256-2124

By Train:
JR San-yo Shinkansen or JR Sanyo Line
Approx. 20 minutes walk from East Exit of "Shin-Shimonoseki" Station
Take the "Sanden Bus" (Cyouan Line) and get off at "Sandenshi Kogyo Mae".
The Plant is near the bus stop.
Enter the entrance by the side of the CO-OP building. The reception of the General Affairs Department is on the 2nd floor of the left-side building.

By Car:
From "Shimonoseki IC" of Chugoku Expressway
Go straight on Route 34 in the direction of Toyoura via Route 2. 
Turn left at the intersection with Route 247, "Akinekita-machi" (Idemitsu GS), and go straight.
The Plant is located before the Shimonoseki Stadium on your left.
Access to Izumo Plant
Izumo Plant
337-1 Nagahama-Cho, Izumo-City, Shimane, 693-0043, Japan
(within Izumo Nagahama Chukaku Kogyo Danchi)
TEL: +81-853-28-0971 (main)
FAX: +81-853-28-0978

By Train:
Approx. 20 minutes by taxi from "Izumoshi" Station on the JR Sanin Line

By Car:
Enter Route 431 from the Oshima intersection on Route 9.
(There is a guideboard for Izumo Taisha Shrine, Nagahama Kogyo Danchi.)
Access to Masuda Plant
Masuda Plant
320-54 Musou-Cho, Masuda-City, Shimane, 698-2144, Japan
(Iwami Rinku Factory Park)
TEL: +81-856-28-8080 (main)
FAX: +81-856-28-8086

By Train:
Approx. 20 minutes by taxi from "Masuda" Station on the JR Sanin Line

By Car:
Take Route 9 from Masuda City and turn left at the intersection after Toyopet (traffic light). Turn left again at Masuda Driving School, cross the Takatsu River and go straight for approx. 4 km. You will see a signboard of "Iwami Rinku Plant Park" at the entrance of Kogyo Danchi (industrial complex).
Approx. 15 minutes (10km) from Hagi Iwami Airport